The Movie Lover

For this post I called in a little help from the Boyfriend, as he is by far the biggest movie obsessed person I’ve ever met. Has trouble remembering a conversation we had this morning, but can quote a movie he’s seen two years ago ;). With a collection of over 1,000 DVD’s, I think it’s safe to say he’s my ideal helper for this article.
The trouble with people with one big collection or passion is that you’d think there’s only one thing to give them on their birthday or Christmas, but it’s definitely not! At the beginning of our relationship I had difficulties finding original gifts, but now it’s become an ongoing search, all year long. Truth is, you have to put in a little more effort for this person, but isn’t that half the fun??
-If it’s not that fun for you, just read this post and in less then five minutes you’re good to go!

🎥 A trip to the location of their favourite movie
Okay, let’s start off with a -possibly- big budget kind of gift. If the Movie Lover in your life also has his suitcase ready to go, opt for a trip to Rome (Roman Holiday), Amsterdam (The Fault in our Stars), Kenya (Out of Africa) or California (Star Trek) and visit the real life scenery they couldn’t possibly remake in a studio. Maybe you’re lucky and the perfect location is in your neighborhood. Give yourself the gift of travel, and casually suggest to guide the trip, of course.

🎥 A trip to a movie studio or a movie theme park
Disneyland, the Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Movie World,… Tons of options to combine their passion for movies as well as their sense for thrills. Most of these theme parks offer special ‘behind the scenes’- tours as well as roller coasters, so  you can switch from adventurous to informative in a matter of minutes. Fun for everyone!

🎥 A poster or Displate
A poster of their favourite movie is something every movie lover should have. Do try to have it properly framed though, as thumb tags are a thing of the past after age 15. Don’t like the often commercial look of a traditional poster? Consider a Displate. They have a modern and sleek look and have thousands of options. Personally, I think these are the grown up versions of a poster with thumb tags above your bed. Another plus: they’re easier on the eye for the other people in the household (in our case; me).

🎥 A movie themed game
The Boyfriend loves to participate in quizzes, so for Christmas a few years ago I got him this super fun game in London called ‘Night at the Movies: Trivia & Games’. The best thing about this game I think is that ‘normal people like me can also play along, which is a huge selling point as people with a specific collection or passion often don’t have a lot of people with the same interest in their immediate circle. If the Movie Lover in your life has a soft spot for Disney, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter you’re in luck; there are countless of options in these franchises. For example, Monopoly has a Harry Potter and a Disney version, but there are also unique board games to find!

🎥 A book about their favourite actor, director or movie franchise
At our home there are a lot of books, and a big chunk of the non-fiction ones are movie related books (and these are just the tip of the iceberg, I assure you). -You’ll have to do a bit of research though, as (good quality) movie related books are often hard to find. Check second hand shops, online, independent(!) bookstores,…- Not only very interesting, but often a beauty in the interior. My personal favourite in our collection? The one from Pedro Almódovar, which came with a piece of actual film as an extra, which my mother-in-law found at a book stock sale.

🎥 Movie tickets
Practically all movie theaters offer the possibility to gift tickets, often with the option of adding snacks to the equation as well. My only tip with this gift is to check the fine print. More often than not unfortunately, you have to pay an extra fee if you want to see a special movie such as a 3D-experience. Make sure that your Movie Lover doesn’t have to pay those extra bucks. A gift is supposed to be a total gift, not something they have to pay extra for.

🎥 A night at the Oscars, the BAFTA’s, the Golden Globes,…
Of course, chances are slim to none you can lay your hand on a couple of tickets for these prestigious events, but watching them on tv can be just as exciting (I tell myself). Make a night (or morning, or afternoon, depending of your time zone) of it with proper snacks and drinks, maybe a red carpet, take paparazzi shots of each other, make your own nominations, give your best acceptance speech for the popcorn you so perfectly prepared,…

More suggestions to come, of course! And cheer up, practically every day there are new movies to discover, so also new gifts to give.

Love, Louise

4 gedachten over “The Movie Lover

  1. Inderdaad enorm knap geschreven en enorm leuke blog.
    Ik heb zelf ook een aantal van die boeken, vooral die van Marc Cousins vind ik persoonlijk een enorme aanrader voor filmfans.

    Geliked door 1 persoon

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