Get the Best Presents

I want you to get what you want so you don’t get stuck with yet another thing you don’t find beautiful or useful. There’s nothing wrong with saying what you want, especially when you’re specifically being asked!

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The Movie Lover

For this post I called in a little help from the Boyfriend, as he is by far the biggest movie obsessed person I’ve ever met. Has trouble remembering a conversation we had this morning, but can quote a movie he’s seen two years ago ;). With a collection of over 1,000 DVD’s, I think it’s safe […]

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The Travel Lover

There are a loads of people with a travel bucket list, and I’m definitely one of them. I have so many ideas for this particular topic, and it’s so difficult to choose! The first thing I want to tell you is that it’s so easy to buy a great gift for the Travel Lover in […]

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Valentine’s Day: cheap and cheesy

Time for Valentine’s! Although I’m more of a celebrate-love-all-day-every-day kind of person (yes, I’m a mellow one) I like the idea of putting Love in the centre one day a year. Whether it’s a girlfriend, husband, mom, dog or bff, Valentine’s Day is about having a little bit more attention for the ones who make […]

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