The Travel Lover

There are a loads of people with a travel bucket list, and I’m definitely one of them. I have so many ideas for this particular topic, and it’s so difficult to choose! The first thing I want to tell you is that it’s so easy to buy a great gift for the Travel Lover in your life. Whether they’re the luxurious five star hotel kind of types, the tourist with a ton of sunscreen on their nose, or the camping girl who does the whole Bear Grills thing,… they all need stuff to make their trips more comfortable.

✈ Plane tickets
Being able to travel is a major privilege, and unfortunately, not everyone can realize their traveling dreams. To help them on the plane, one of the best suggestions I can give you are plane tickets/air miles. Nowadays tickets don’t have to cost a fortune with the rise of budget airlines, so even with €50 you can help your friend on their way.
– wrapping tip: fold them like paper planes, and fly them to the recipient!

✈A backpack or suitcase
Travel gear can get expensive, so when your budget is a bit higher, give your travel buddy a new backpack. Stick with regular backpacks for day trips though, because the real trekking rucksacks should fit perfectly and are probably best chosen by the traveler her-/himself, or ask them which backpack they’ve tried on and really like.

✈ A camera or GoPro
This is definitely an investment, so make sure to do proper research or ask them which one they’re saving up for. Travelers are often also photo freaks, so it’s a great idea to make it possible to save their memories in an album or home-made movie.

✈ Travel guides
Go to the thrift store and get a bunch of old travel guides to give them inspiration, or buy a brand new one.
Pro tip: Mark down all the things you loved when you visited that destination, or the ones you like from looking at the pictures (and tell them to send photo’s!).

✈ A power bank
Whether it’s for their phone, computer or camera, a power bank is always handy when they’re away from electricity for long periods of time. They have them in stores and online with fun designs and great capacity, so there’s one for every kind of person.

✈ A globe or map
A statement piece in any interior, but a must for the Travel Lover! I’m still looking for the perfect one (that I can afford), but you have so many options! Sepia maps, crumpled city maps, scratch-maps, puzzle globes, globes you can color in, night light globes, bar cart globes,…

✈ City Bingo Cards
If your person has planned a trip, and you want to make sure to get loads of stories upon their return, send them there with a home made city bingo card. Do a bit of research and make small pictographs of all the buildings, foods, animals, clothing,.. typical of their destination they need to see. You’re guaranteed a whole bunch of personal Snapchats!

✈ Mini sized toiletry kit
Especially handy for the camper and the only-carry-on-traveler; their favourite products, but smaller. If you don’t know which are their favourite brands, there are also empty toiletry kits they could fill themselves. Extra points if it’s a see-through bag, so they can easily pass security check at the airport.

This post is just the beginning to be honest, because I have so much more ideas! Keep following this blog for more gift pitches.

Love, Louise

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