About me and this blog

There are numerous things I love about presents. The wish lists, the search, the cute shops, the wrapping paper, the ribbons, the feeling, the Thank You’s,… My craze about them reaches an alltime high around Christmas, but if I’m being honest, I’m searching for gifts all year long. I write down all the things I see in shops that could work for someone’s birthday, Christmas, or that just seem fun, and my own wish list keeps on getting longer and longer by the minute. My heart literally skips a beat when I see pretty wrapping paper or fun ribbons, or when I buy a present to give at Christmas, even though it’s August.

Seeing in someone’s eyes they’re truly happy with the gift you’ve chosen for them, is one of the best feelings ever.
Unfortunately, searching for the perfect present can be difficult and sometimes frustrating because of a number of reasons. What’s appropriate? What do they like? What do they already have? What can I spend?

On this blog, I’d like to give you some guidance through the maze of thousands of shops, diy’s and ideas. I’ve created some categories to help you find your way: in the menu, you’ll find gift ideas sorted by occasion, by budget and by kind of person. Also, I’m planning to make a list of my favourite shops.
I hope I can help you create loads of twinkles in the eyes of the beholder of the present you gave them.

Love, Louise