Valentine’s Day: cheap and cheesy

Time for Valentine’s!

Although I’m more of a celebrate-love-all-day-every-day kind of person (yes, I’m a mellow one) I like the idea of putting Love in the centre one day a year. Whether it’s a girlfriend, husband, mom, dog or bff, Valentine’s Day is about having a little bit more attention for the ones who make your life that more interesting.

This year, the Boyfriend and I made a deal, that whatever you want to give the other person, it couldn’t cost a thing. My idea, and boy, for a moment I really regretted it, because although I find the concept super fun, I’m usually not the best in being super creative.

I’m not going to specify which idea I actually did, because the Boyfriend reads this blog as well (I think), but if you want to do a low/no budget Valentine’s as well, here are some great ideas, even though I’m kinda late with this post (sorry!):

* A love letter: one of my all-time favourite things to read is a love letter. And I mean a real one, on pink paper, with a matching envelope, scented with your perfume/cologne, maybe with an actual seal so nobody else but that special one can read it. Send it by mail, or hide it in their lunch box or under their pillow.

* A home cooked meal: Again, a classic, and maybe not that original, but who doesn’t love their favourite meal made by their favourite person. Go all out with a table cloth, candles, roses, music in the background; or make a super cozy fort in the living room and wine and dine with a movie.

* A serenade: Okay, I seem to get more corny with every idea, but if you can’t put your feelings down in your own words, just steal them from someone else and belt them out under their window or start singing your special song (yes, you DO have one) in the morning when you wake up next to each other.
Note; make sure he/she is in fact a morning person. I for one would like a serenade, but after coffee for sure. Which brings me to my next suggestion ⏩

* Breakfast in bed: fresh orange juice, some yogurt, a croissant, your coffee just the way you like – homemade or with a thousand toppings from Starbucks – and a flower to top it all off. These are cliche’s for a reason, folks!

* If you have the possibility, go outside! Have a picnic (homemade!) in the park, star gaze with a bottle of wine on the roof, walk through the snow and have snowball fight and make snow angels,..

* Make a photo album: chances are, you have a big pile – or folder on your pc – with picture of your latest trip, ready to come together in a beautiful scrap book. But there’s always something more urgent, right? I guarantee you this gift is wonderful, because let’s be honest; how many of those pics do you watch when they’re just in your cloud?

One last tip: when you make/buy something, try to keep it to things your SO can enjoy for a long time. Cherish moments and adventures, give something they can read over and over again when they’re feeling blue, and try to stay away from sock rabbits, or sock bunnies (right Monica?). And whatever you do, DO. NOT. RECYCLE. (right Chandler?).

These are, in my opinion all great Valentine’s day options for those with low budgets. I’m curious to see all your special moments! But before you share with your followers, be sure to share with the one person who makes it all worth it. I wish everyone not only a day, but a whole life, filled with love.

Love, Louise

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